Value Proposition

At App Tool Werks we innovate, build and bring to market technology solutions in large market segments with substantial growth potential. Currently, we have created unique and disruptive services in the area of photo management, candidate recruitment and productivity. Most of our services utilize a cross-platform strategy with robust feature rich mobile applications for both IOS and Android enabled devices. The desktop component is comprised of a marketing Website and an account holder dashboard

Our value will be determined by the success of our services to gain Users and expand market penetration. To both our business and individual customers we are challenged to deliver quicker and more efficient ways to accomplish a task than current methods available. The key to this success and value of our service is the quality of the User experience. By succeeding in these two fundamental areas viral adoption will occur and success will be achieved exponentially. We plan to become a reliable valued service provider in the areas of our business focus. We are committed to an environment of continual improvement while being responsive to User feedback.